Choosing Mentors and Mentoring Up: An Interactive, Peer-Mentoring Workshop


Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 4:30pm to 6:00pm


Countway Library - Minot Room

Positive mentor-mentee relationships are a cornerstone of success for any graduate student. Choosing the right principal investigator (PI) and starting off with a proactive strategy to maintain a positive and productive work relationship is an early step toward graduate school success. Are you an early stage graduate student considering a choice of thesis lab/PI or looking for advice on ways to approach starting off on the right path to a positive and productive mentor-mentee relationship?

The Program in Graduate Education is pleased to launch this new interactive peer mentoring workshop in which G5+ doctoral students from multiple programs – including BIG, BBS, Biophysics, BSPH, Immunology, Systems and PiN – will join to share insights on things to consider and questions to ask in deciding on a thesis lab. Senior students will also share their advice for being a good mentee and mentoring up to maximize the potential of your working relationship with your PI.

Target audience: The primary target audience is first year rotating doctoral students; however, the workshop should be relevant to post-bac, Master's students and research technicians.

Facilitator: Jason Heustis, PhD

This session is part of the multi-session "PGE Career Navigator Series: Wellbeing as a Foundation for Professional Success", being hosted in collaboration with the Countway Library.

Registration Closed