Information on Provider Resources and Events

The Program in Graduate Education (PGE) supports the academic success, career exploration and professional development of Longwood-affiliated life sciences students.  Upcoming PGE events, as well as events submitted from student organizations and external providers, are organized on the Events page of this site.

Life sciences graduate students also benefit from programs and initiatives offered by the many Harvard offices.  The FAS Office of Career Services (OCS), the HMS Curriculum Fellows Program (CFP), the HMS/HSDM Office of Postdoctoral Fellows (OPF), and the HSPH Office of Career Advancement (OCA) all provide multiple additional resources which can be of use at different steps in your academic, career, and professional development.  We encourage you to visit their websites or to see all of their upcoming events on our Events page.   Please note that some services from these offices may not be available to all students.