[Career Navigator Workshop] Making the Most of Your Lab Rotations with Taralyn Tan, PhD


Friday, October 15, 2021, 1:00pm to 2:15pm


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A primary goal of the first year of graduate school is to identify a dissertation laboratory. Lab rotations are a major mechanism to guide students in this process. This interactive workshop will provide students strategies to maximally leverage lab rotation experiences to identify a training environment for their dissertation research that is aligned with students' professional and personal goals and priorities. This workshop will also emphasize that lab rotations themselves are only part of the decision-making process and that the work of identifying a lab that’s going to be a “good fit” for a student’s PhD research actually begins long before a student steps foot into a rotation and continues after the rotation ends. Accordingly, we will also discuss strategies and exercises to help students navigate the four stages of finding a thesis lab within this broader framework: articulating priorities and goals, identifying rotation labs, making the most of rotations, and reflecting on rotations to choose a thesis lab.

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