Teaching Fellowships @ Harvard College

September 18, 2020

Employment Opportunity for Teaching Fellows at Harvard College

Life Sciences 1b: Genetics, Genomics, and Evolution


Course Description:

Life Sciences 1B is an interdisciplinary course designed to teach genetics and genomics in an evolutionary framework. The course is taught during the spring semester at the introductory level and most students are freshmen. We take an integrated approach, showing how evolution and genetics are intimately related and how genomics provides tools to analyze case studies of human disease, normal variation, and evolution.


Teaching Fellow Duties:

Teaching Fellows (TFs) lead a weekly section via Zoom, combining laboratory and discussion, and grade all lab assignments and problem sets. TFs must also attend lectures (Tue & Thurs 1:30-2:45 pm), staff meetings (Thurs, time TBD) and training (one week in Jan, TBD). Additional duties include helping with exams. TFs are compensated $11,350.00 (post-docs and G3+) or $10,116.00 (G1 or G2, and some TAs) per section taught for the semester.


To Apply for a Position:

Go to https://www.mcb.harvard.edu/job-opportunities/teaching-positions/, fill out an application, and email it to lsci1b@fas.harvard.edu, along with a current CV. Applicants who are currently Harvard graduate students should fill out the “Teaching Fellow,” application. Applicants who are not currently Harvard graduate students should fill out the “Teaching Assistant,” application.


Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis until all positions have been filled. Interviews will be scheduled beginning in mid-September.

** Final hiring contingent on student enrollment**