Research Assistantship, Scientific Citizenship @ Scientific Citizenship Initiative

October 2, 2020

Research Assistant Opportunity [DEADLINE EXTENDED]

The Scientific Citizenship Initiative (SCI) is seeking up to five research assistants to develop a series of public reports on key questions related to scientific citizenship. SCI is an HMS-based initiative seeking to make science more socially responsive and responsible by empowering scientists to collaboratively engage with and lead their communities and society (read our full mission).

Research assistants will work with the SCI team in one of the following topics:

  1. Climate survey of faculty and students: Survey analysis of faculty and student perception and experience with issues related to diversity equity and inclusion (DEI), civic engagement, career development opportunities, etc.

  2. Best practices in program evaluation: Identify organizational approaches to academic program evaluation, especially with regards to organizational blindspots on DEI issues.

  3. Culture change in academia: Identify and develop case studies on what has led to culture change in academia in the past and how it is changing currently.

  4. Landscape analysis of scientific citizenship programs: Comprehensive research of organizations working to improve civic engagement among the scientific community.

Applications will be open until October 8 or until all positions are filled. Students are expected to work with SCI for 10-20 hours a week over the fall and winter and will receive $20/hr.

Please address your CV to, with “Application: Research Assistant” in the subject line and include a short statement identifying which of the research project(s) you are interested in and your motivation for working with SCI.