Program Manager @ Professional Development Hub

September 4, 2020

Program Manager / Sr. Program Manager, pd|hub

Position Description and Responsibilities: The Program Manager will be part of the pd|hub core team, working closely with the pd|hub PI/Director across all initiatives of pd|hub, including project management, strategy, communications, relationship management, fundraising, and sustainability. This position may start at part-time and, over time, move to full-time. Example responsibilities:

Program management

  • Coordinate activities of pd|hub, managing day-to-day logistics and operations

  • Document and maintain timelines and milestones

  • Create project reports for stakeholders

  • Ensure that project development and completion is timely, successful, and meets


  • Oversee events logistics


  • Assist in strategic planning for the growth and sustainability of pd|hub projects

  • Perform background research and landscape analyses

  • Anticipate and mitigate program opportunities and risks related to deliverables and

    program growth Relationship management

  • Manage and support working groups, committees, and advisory board(s)

  • Develop and maintain relationships and correspondence with key partners and

    stakeholders, including leaders in the public and private sector, to advance pd|hub goals

  • Develop internal tracking systems

  • Plan events, including project workshops, presentations, and community discussions

  • Represent pd|hub on committees and at external meetings and conferences

  • Handle external inquiries


  • Strategize and coordinate pd|hub communications, dissemination, and outreach,

    including joint communications with stakeholders

  • Develop and maintain communications materials, including pd|hub newsletters,

    marketing materials, website content, and social media

  • Develop and draft white papers, grants, business proposals, and fundraising materials

    Desired Qualifications:
    PhD in a STEM discipline along with at least one year of policy/administrative experience. Demonstrated skills managing multi-year projects.
    Demonstrated skills working with and/or guiding individuals, teams, and volunteers.
    Strong writing skills, including a variety of communications from social media and marketing materials to reports, white papers, and grant proposals.
    Experience managing and developing communications strategies.
    Knowledge of higher education.
    Experience working in an early-stage organization, office, or initiative preferred.


    Please send a CV & cover letter to