Postdoctoral Position, Sustainability Management (Water Security) @ Brigham Young University

May 5, 2021
*Funded Positions Available:* We are seeking diverse and creative
candidates from any water-related or water-interested background for a
postdoc position starting in summer or fall of 2021. Salary and benefits
*Project:* Improving water security through sustainable management depends
on an accurate understanding of human-water interactions. However,
pervasive misconceptions of the water cycle persist among policymakers and
the public. In a world where water mismanagement kills millions and causes
trillions in economic damages each year, correcting water misconceptions
has graduated from an academic exercise to a planetary priority.
The postdoc will be fully integrated into a dynamic interdisciplinary team
of 9 faculty and 25 students to coordinate research and outreach
surrounding three interrelated activities:
*1. *Creation of images, animations, performances, and interactive
software that integrate current hydrological understanding from local to
global scales,
*2. *Quantifying the effect of teaching materials on elementary teacher
instruction and undergraduate knowledge,
*3. *Flooding the world with the pedagogical products from activities 1
and 2 using traditional and novel dissemination channels.
There will be opportunities for primary research in hydrology or education,
development of proposals, and professional development. Our
interdisciplinary team will combine cutting-edge hydrological, educational,
and social sciences with innovative artistic design and outreach to
transform how we teach and manage water.
*To Apply:* email CV and letter of interest to,* by
Friday May 21st*.
*Additional info*: on project and research group at (@thermokarst).
Project leadership: Ben Abbott, Ryan Nixon, Keely Song Glenn, Dan Ames, Liz
Bailey, Greg Carling, Josh LeMonte, Rick Gill, Rachel Buck, Raymond Lee,
and Bryan Hopkins