Postdoctoral Position - Cancer/Chemoresistance @ Massachusetts General Hospital/HMS

July 24, 2020

Post-doc positions available at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School (Simches Building, Boston) in our lab working on ribosomes, translation, RNA modifications and non-coding RNAs and their roles in cancer quiescence and chemoresistance.

The goal of the laboratory is to investigate the specialized gene expression program that
promotes the persistence of clinically resistant quiescent cells in cancers. New projects are available to investigate the mechanisms of regulation of critical genes by RNA binding proteins, non-coding RNAs, nucleotide modifications, and ribosomes in resistant cancer cells, using human cell lines, patient samples, and in vivo models.

Please see the lab website links to see our research at


Molecular biology skills, RNA biology and cell culture experience would be needed.
Please contact vasudevan.shobha@mgh.harvard. edu with your CV and reference