Postdoctoral Fellowships, Applied Biotechnology @ Francis Crick Institute

September 18, 2020

Progress in biology and medicine today is limited by our ability to measure and perturb biological systems. We are a community of engineers and scientists operating at the interface of biology and engineering to develop first-in-class biotechnologies that enable us to map, control, and build biological systems. Previous technologies we have invented include Slide-seq [1], RNA Timestamps [2], Implosion Fabrication [3], among others. New and ongoing projects in the lab include work on connectomics (brain mapping), viral vectors for gene therapy, and sequencing-based diagnostics for cancers and rare diseases. Every technology we develop is oriented towards a specific unmet need in biology and medicine, and we leverage an international network of philanthropists and investors to help us deploy our technologies worldwide.

We welcome ambitious applicants with backgrounds in the physical sciences and engineering, as well as in neuroscience or biology. Our goal is to empower all members of the lab to launch careers in high-impact biotechnology. For more information, see,, or email