Mitochondrial Biologist @ March Therapeutics

December 13, 2021

About March Therapeutics 

Spun out of MIT and Harvard, March Therapeutics is a venture-backed, mission-driven, stealth-stage startup building a scalable platform for mitochondrial gene therapy. Leveraging the founding team’s broad domain expertise in synthetic biology, March Therapeutics aims to develop therapies for currently-incurable mitochondrial genetic diseases. March Therapeutics is an equal opportunity employer and values different experiences and ways of thinking. 


March Therapeutics is seeking to hire an exceptionally creative Mitochondrial Biologist with deep, broad expertise in biotech and experience in addressing extremely challenging and complex problems. Primary responsibilities of this role include (1) spearheading independently-designed experiments that lead to new insights and solutions in the mitochondrial gene therapy space and (2) performing various assay to assess mitochondrial physiology and outcome of gene editing (3) developing cutting-edge tools for genome engineering, and (4) augmenting ongoing programs (to be explained during the interview) in a collaborative fashion. 


● Ph.D. in Biological Engineering, Cell & Molecular Biology, or a related field ● Established track record of innovative research 

● Extensive hands-on experience in mitochondrial physiology; Experience using Seahorse and/or other equivalent assays for work with patient-derived cells is a plus ● Experience with protein engineering and high-throughput protein evolution/screening techniques (e.g., droplet-based and/or other forms of protein evolution/screening) is a plus, but not required 

● Experience with setting up a Hamilton robot for parallel optimization is a plus ● Ability to adapt and work in a fast-paced, mission-oriented and collaborative environment 

Why you should be Interested 

At March Therapeutics, how you spend your time is not limited to pre-defined objectives set by the management. We very much encourage you to explore other creative projects (utilizing our resources and broad network) during your free time, to the extent that they don’t compromise your core responsibilities–even if they don’t have anything to do with our core research milestones. We strive to build a creative, inventive culture, which we strongly believe will only unlock more value and impact. We think of this as a long-term investment in you, our team, the company, and ultimately the world.


To Apply 

Interested applicants should send a CV to