Mentoring + Teaching Opportunity - Native American High School Program

March 16, 2022

The David Potter & Edwin Furshpan Native American High School Program is a collaborative program  between the Fort Peck and Hopi Indian Reservations and Harvard Medical School’s Division of Medical  Sciences. The aims of the program are to empower Native students to become agents of change in their  home communities, cultivate interest and enthusiasm for STEM subjects, and to help them achieve their  educational and personal goals. Harvard graduate students play key roles in helping the program achieve 

these goals. 

Who should apply? 

Harvard graduate students in life sciences programs. Ideally, mentors have experience working with high  school students from underrepresented backgrounds.  

Roles for graduate students: 

Mentors: Mentors will work with the students to prepare resumes and personal statements, help with  homework during the program, and also help the students put together final presentations at the end of  the third week. Time commitment for mentors is on average 3-5 hours per week for each week of the  program, with a slightly heavier time commitment the third week. 

Lecturers: Lecturers will meet several times before the program begins to prepare lesson plans,  coordinate with one another to ensure smooth transition of content, and participate in a teaching  workshop led by Dr. Tari Tan. The curriculum of the program includes topics in cell biology, neurobiology,  health and wellness, and addiction.  

Wednesday, May 11th – all lectures for the program will be required to attend a teaching workshop on this  date (TIME TBD but will be either 10am-1pm or 2-5pm). 

Tutors: Tutors will work in small groups with the students for the first two weeks of the program teaching  a medical case study called Spotted Eagle’s Troubles. This case was written as a collaboration between  the Tribes and Harvard medical students and faculty. The tutors lead discussion sessions with the  students, integrating the other program content with the case learning objectives. 

See attached to apply.


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