Enrollment Opportunity - HMX Courses

May 28, 2020

Last month HMX offered their classes to all master’s and PhD students. This offering was a great success and we are happy to announce another enrollment opportunity for the HMX courses that begin June 9th. The courses available on HMX feature a variety of HMS faculty teaching basic and advanced topics in biology and medicine. Courses are released one lesson at a time over the course period, but after the lessons are released students complete the work asynchronously at a schedule that works for them. The HMX Fundamentals series features courses on foundational topics important for a variety of healthcare and life sciences careers and require roughly 40-45 hours of time commitment. HMX Pro courses are designed for those who already have some knowledge in a given subject, but want to learn more about specific content areas. Pro courses are shorter and more focused on advanced content. More information can be found at https://onlinelearning.hms.harvard.edu/hmx/. A complete list of the currently offered courses has been included at the bottom of this email.


If you wish to register for one or more of these courses, you must fill out this form no later than Tuesday June 2nd at 11:59PM Boston time. Unfortunately, once this deadline has passed there can be no late registration. Please consult your program leadership if you wish to take these courses for credit. Fundamentals courses will be credited as half courses (4 credits) and Pro courses will be credited as quarter courses (2 credits). Individual programs will determine whether these will count towards any program credits or requirements. Regardless, credit will require satisfactory completion of all lessons and a score sufficient to receive a certificate of achievement from HMX. There will be no penalty for failing to complete a course once you have enrolled, but we ask that you please only enroll in courses you realistically expect to complete. We also recommend that you take HMX Fundamentals Immunology or have basic knowledge of immunology prior to taking HMX Pro Immuno-oncology. If you do take both at the same time, you may want to cover or re-visit material in the immuno-oncology course later in the course period as you gain knowledge from the immunology course.