[Peer Mentor Training] GSAS Peer Mentoring Training: Harvard Resources, Contacts, Confidentiality, Title IX


Thursday, November 19, 2020, 9:00am to 11:30pm


Zoom - TBA

In this interactive workshop, Danielle Farrell (Director of Student Services in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) will facilitate multiple discussions introducing students to the roles and responsibilities of graduate student peer mentors and support groups.  This session is intended to introduce students to the practical application of peer mentoring best practices using resources, contacts and policies at Harvard.

By the end of this session, peer mentors should be able to

- articulate the services offered and describe the function of personnel in the GSAS Office of Student Services

- refer other students to services available to promote health, academic support, conflict resolution, financial stability, and for international students

- employ Title IX requirements for student leaders

- outline and articulate specific information they need from their programs/program administrators to better meet the needs of students enrolled in their specific programs