Careers in Neuroscience: After the PhD

Priority for this course is given to students in the Program in Neuroscience. PiN students: for more information, see this website and/or contact your program head. Offered spring of odd years as Neurobiology 310qc. The course description is below: 

This course provides graduate students in the Program in Neuroscience with early exposure to the opportunities and challenges associated with a variety of rewarding careers in the field of neuroscience, as well essential steps along the path towards those careers. Academic career topics will include postdoctoral training, obtaining and starting independent faculty positions, grant writing and reviewing, and opportunities for research and teaching positions. Other topics will include career opportunities in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, patent law, journal editing/science writing, science policy, and consulting. One main topic will be covered at each class meeting, and one or more invited discussion leaders with expertise in the topic will participate in the class. Discussion leaders will include Harvard faculty members as well as outside experts.