Leder Human Biology and Translational Medicine

 The Leder Human Biology and Translational Medicine (LHB) Program was created to provide for the integrated training of PhD students in the translation of advances in basic investigation to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

The LHB Program has two goals. First, it provides PhD students with a working knowledge of the fundamentals of human biology and disease, primarily through a series of courses, to enrich their basic science training and broaden their research interests. Second, it demystifies the culture and practice of medicine, facilitating future collaborations with clinicians and physician-scientists, through activities designed to bring students into a hospital environment for direct contact with physicians, patients, medical students, and physician-scientists. The full program runs for one and one half years, beginning in Spring of the G1 Year, and it is interdigitated with a student's other graduate program requirements. Students who successfully complete the LHB Program will receive a certificate in Human Biology and Tranlational Medicine with their PhDs. 

To learn more about the program visit http://dms.hms.harvard.edu/lhb/Students.html