Postdoctoral Position, Vaccine Research @ Emory University

March 17, 2021


Research in our lab focuses on antibodies and vaccines against existing pathogens such as HIV-1, as well as newly emerging pathogens. We are interested in two questions: 1) how to consistently induce specific, highly functional antibodies by vaccination, and 2) how to maintain the antibody responses above the level of protection for a long period of time. Specific areas of interest include 1) novel vaccine design strategies to induce broadly-reactive neutralizing antibodies; 2) HIV-1 envelope fusion peptide-directed antibodies elicited in infected and immunized subjects; and 3) mechanisms of antibody elicitation, maturation and duration in immunized individuals. 

Who are we? 

Dr. Rui Kong is an Assistant Professor in Emory Vaccine Center at the Emory University School of Medicine and at Yerkes National Primate Research Center. He is a Georgia Research Alliance Distinguished Investigator. Before joining Emory, he published in several journals as co-first author (Kong et al. Science 2016; Xu et al. Nature Medicine 2018; Kong et al. Cell 2019). 

Who may apply? 

Candidates with strong education and training in disciplines related to B cell immunology and/or structure-based protein engineering. 

How to apply? 

Please send your CV to Dr. Rui Kong <>.