LS1a Teaching Fellows/Assistants for Fall 2020

July 2, 2020

Life Sciences 1a, or LS1a, is a large introductory course for undergraduate students that integrates general and organic chemistry topics with molecular and cellular biology. We are currently looking for teaching fellows that are enthusiastic and committed to providing an inclusive and engaging learning environment for our students this Fall. Teaching fellows would be part of a ~25-person LS1a team that is dedicated to sharing teaching expertise and tips, making LS1a an ideal environment for both new and experienced teaching fellows.

Teaching fellow responsibilities (10-12 hr/week) include:

· Lead a weekly discussion section/lab of 12 students

· Watch lecture videos and attend staff meeting

· Hosting office hours

· Grading weekly assignments

To begin the application process, please contact us at, and provide a copy of your CV or resume. Feel free to also e-mail us with any questions you have about the course.