Head of Bioinformatics @ Trammel Therapeutics

February 9, 2020

Head of Bioinformatics at Trammel Therapeutics

Trammel Therapeutics is a stealth-mode, transformative biotechnology company founded by 5AM Ventures developing cancer therapeutics targeting the tumor microenvironment. The company is built around a proprietary biology platform that includes patient-derived multi-omics datasets, next- generation ex vivo assay systems, and large scale multi-omic and single cell datasets to dissect the complexity of the tumor microenvironment.


We are seeking a highly motivated, collaborative, and adaptable computational biologist to build and lead strategy and execution of bioinformatics, a core component of our discovery platform. The ideal candidate will bring scientific leadership, prior industry experience, and proficiency working with high- dimensional, multi-modal datasets. The role will include building our bioinformatics capabilities while working with our scientific team, collaborating with external academic groups, and ultimately establishing bioinformatics as a central pillar within Trammel.


  •   Design, develop, and apply our bioinformatics discovery platform to drive target prioritization and translational efforts in conjunction with our in-house and external scientific teams

  •   Build computational infrastructure to incorporate diverse datasets from public and proprietary sources including multi-omics (genetics, transcriptomics, proteomics), clinical outcomes, microscopy to uncover novel biological insights into tumor-stroma biology

  •   Build relationships and work collaboratively with external groups including academic labs to inform our discovery platform with proprietary clinical datasets and assay systems

  •   Apply advanced computational techniques towards developing gene expression signatures, identifying associations between targets, cell types, and specific phenotypes of interest

  •   Work closely with our team of biologists and immunologists to develop integrative experimental and computational strategies to further our knowledge of tumor-stroma biology


  •   Advanced degree with industry experience in bioinformatics, computational biology, or other field with relevance to deriving biological insights from high-dimensional multi-modal datasets

  •   Extensive experience generating high quality code in a scientific computing environment, especially in Python and/or R/Bioconductor

  •   Experience with and a strong understanding of computational analysis of high-dimensional biological datasets (hands-on experience with single-cell transcriptomic data strongly preferred)

  •   Experience or familiarity with developing machine learning models of high-dimensional biological data to extract biological meaning and/or make predictions

  •   Experience working in tumor immunology and tumor-stroma biology preferred

  •   Familiarity analyzing multi-modal datasets (e.g. microscopy, flow cytometry) preferred

  •   Enthusiastic to join a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, and rapidly growing team where you will

    have the opportunity to create and shape the scientific vision of the company

    To learn more, please send a CV to careers@trammeltx.com