Call for Registrations: Ethics of Biotech Nanocourse Series

September 18, 2020

The Scientific Citizenship Initiative at HMS (SCI) is offering an online nanocourse series this Fall on the Ethics and Governance of Biotechnology. This 3-course series is aimed at STEM graduate students and is open to postdocs.

These nanocourses will challenge students to grapple with ethical, communication, and leadership dilemmas that arise during the real-world implementation of gene drives, lifespan extension, and neural intervention technologies. The content also serves students looking to explore career opportunities outside academia.

The course is offered entirely online over the span of one week and combines three, 1.5-hour live group sessions with asynchronous individual learning requirements.Graduate students can obtain credit by completing the nanocourses (either all of this series or in combination with other nanocourses). 

  • Nanocourse 1 (Gene Drives): Oct. 5, 7, 9 ─11:30 am-1 pm ET

  • Nanocourse 2 (Lifespan Extension): Nov. 2, 4, 6 ─11:30 am-1 pm ET

  • Nanocourse 3 (Neuro Interventions): Nov. 30, Dec. 2, 4 ─11:30  am-1 pm ET