Call for Teaching Assistants: LIFESCI 2

July 28, 2022

Course Description:

Life Sciences 2 is an interdisciplinary course designed to teach anatomy and physiology in an evolutionary framework. The course is taught at the introductory level but requires some previous exposure to basic biology. The majority of students are juniors and seniors. We take an integrated approach, showing how evolution and embryological development are intimately related to how and why the human body functions the way it does. Taught at Harvard (Cambridge campus) by Professors Andrew Biewener, George Lauder, and Daniel Lieberman.


Teaching Fellow Duties:

Fellows (TFs) lead a weekly laboratory section, hold in-lab office hours, and grade all lab assignments for their section(s). TFs must also attend lectures (Mon, Wed & Fri 12:00-1:45 pm), staff meetings (Mon, 1:30-3:30 pm) and preparation days (August 9 & 10). Additional duties include helping with exams, such as proctoring. TFs are compensated $11,920 (post-docs and G3+) or $10,620 (G1 or G2, and some TAs) per section taught for the semester. Appointment begins August 1st, semester begins August 31st.


To Apply for a Position:

Please contact Jo Matott at Include in your email: 1) a brief description of courses you have previously taught 2) a statement describing the ways in which you are qualified to teach LS2 and 3) a current CV as an attachment.


Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis until all positions have been filled.


** Please note: Final hiring is contingent on student enrollment**