The Business of Biotechnology [RA Captial]

July 13, 2020
RA Capital Management is running a virtual version of our popular "Business of Biotechnology" short course (July 14, 21, and 28), free to accepted applicants. Our application is now open and will close on July 9. 

Our course has been described as "the Freakonomics of the biotech industry" and comes highly recommended by prior students at Harvard, MIT, and throughout the Boston community.

RA Capital's "The Business of Biotechnology”
Virtual Short Course
July 14, 21, 28 (3-5 PM)

Lecturer: Peter Kolchinsky, Ph.D., Managing Partner, RA Capital
Cost: Free to all admitted

We can probably all remember a single course, a single lecture, or even a single book that fundamentally changed our thinking and repeatedly guides our decisions. That’s the kind of course we have designed: a short, intense upgrade for people planning on a career in or related to biotechnology, whether in companies, as investors, as lawyers, academic founders, or government.

Session 1: Introduction to the Biotech Social Contract
Session 2: Game Theory in Biotech
Session 3: Covid-19 As A Microcosm of American Healthcare

Though this course and its content are geared toward participants with a background in science and/or biotechnology, anyone who wants to learn how biomedical innovation is funded and can be affordable to patients is eligible to apply.