SciLinkR - The Platform for Public Engagement with Science

SciLinkR is a platform that allows researchers to: 

  • Connect with others engaged in science outreach
  • Engage: Discover new opportunities to mentor, do outreach in science and excite future scientists/engineers.
  • Record: Document your public engagement activities in science and create a shareable record for institutional and funding annual reports, CVs, and professional development.

SciLinkR was started by a group of faculty and staff at Brandeis and Hampton Universities who are passionate about outreach but were frustrated by how difficult it was to connect with the communities that need them most.

By working with the NSF-supported Brandeis University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, they were able to create and a more efficient way for scientists and engineers to connect with the world.

The mission of SciLinkR is to raise awareness of publicly supported STEM research and broaden the participation of underrepresented groups by connecting, engaging, and documenting public engagement with science.

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