PhD Pathfinder Course

This course is offered in April of each year as MED-SCI316qc. The course description is below:

The course is open to all Ph.D. students interested in learning about the range of career options available to biomedical Ph.Ds. The course includes talks, didactic sessions, workshops and networking events to promote interactions between students and invited speakers. There will be a special emphasis on helping students design their own career map using a tool created by RA Capital. After each session there will be a small networking reception for both the students and lecturers.

Students will learn about the many career paths available to people with advanced degrees in biomedical research including academia, biotech, patent law, science writing/publishing, consulting/business, education, and science policy/regulation.

A Ph.D. education provides students with fundamental knowledge about the principles and practice of the scientific method and promotes development of problem-solving skills in ways that are quite useful for many different professions. Students will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals representing each of these paths, to learn about strategies for career development, curriculum enrichment, and networking opportunities that will make them competitive for their career of choice.