Wellness and Safety

Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP)

The Health Professions Recruitment & Exposure Program (HPREP) at Harvard Medical School is a high school science enrichment program aimed at recruiting high school students from the Boston area, particularly those from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds, into science and medicine.

Counseling and Mental Health Services at Harvard

Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) at Harvard is a counseling and mental health support service which seeks to work collaboratively with students and the University to support individuals who are experiencing some measure of distress in their lives. Both urgent care and recurring appointments are available through CAMHS.

Know the Signs - Suicide is Preventable

Know the Signs is a statewide suicide prevention social marketing campaign started in Calilfornia, which is built on three key messages: Know the signs. Find the words. Reach out.

Culturally Aware Mentorship

Culturally Aware Mentorship is a resource that aims to enhance mentors’ and trainees’ ability to effectively address cultural diversity matters in their research mentoring relationships.


PhDBalance is an online support group that addresses mental health problems in higher education. 

Hay Group Resilience Workbook

The resilience workbook is a cost-effective way to introduce the concepts of resilience to yourself or to your organization.

500 Women Scientists

500 Women Scientists grassroots organization started by four women which works to build communities and foster real change that comes from small groups and is committed to speak up for science and for women, minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA.

AWIS - Association for Women In Science

AWIS provides a unique national platform where essential research meets advocacy, innovation, and practice in supporting the advancement of women in STEM.

Biomedical Science Careers Program

The Biomedical Science Careers Program, Inc. provides students of every race, ethnic background, gender and financial status with encouragement, support and guidance needed for the successful pursuit of biomedical science and other science-related careers.

500 Queer Scientists

500 Queer Scientists is, "a new visibility campaign for LGBTQ+ people and their allies working in STEM and STEM-supporting jobs — a group that collectively represents a powerful force of scientific progress and discovery".