2019 Jun 10

Landing a "Non-Traditional Post-Doc"...for teaching, higher ed admin, science policy

Registration Closed 4:30pm to 6:00pm


Modell 100A

The Program in Graduate Education (PGE) at Harvard Medical School (HMS), in collaboration with the Scientific Citizenship Initiative (SCI) @ HMS, is pleased to host this session showcasing the growing array of post-docs available for lifes sciences trainees looking for training in the areas of teaching, higher ed administration and science policy.  These post-docs exist in varying forms, some preparing trainees for careers combining scientific research with work in these areas of expertise.


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SciLinkR - The Platform for Public Engagement with Science

SciLinkR is a platform for researchers to connect with other scientists passionate about science outreach, to discover opportunities for outreach, and to record public engagement activities to ultimately create a shareable report of their work for professional development purposes.  
2019 Apr 24

Maximizing Your Individual Development Planning

Registration Closed 4:30pm to 6:00pm


Countway Library - Minot Room

The use of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) have been widely promoted to support graduate student professional development. IDPs are structured frameworks to consider short-term and long-term career plans, laying a foundation for meaningful goal-setting.   This workshop will introduce trainees to knowledge and skills to inform IDP discussions.  It is open to all trainees, including master's and doctoral students.

Part 1: More Than Just Paperwork: Making IDPs part of a Meaningful Mentor-Mentee...

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2019 Apr 08

GSAS Flash Mentoring Week

Mon - Sun, Apr 8 to Apr 14, 9:00am - 5:00pm




Monday, April 8 - Sunday, April 14

Did you know over 300 GSAS Alumni from around the world have volunteered to connect with you? Sign up for a time to speak by phone with alumni to:
  • learn about career pathways,
  • get career advice,
  • perfect your informational interviewing skills, and
  • discover more about diverse post-Harvard options.
 Alumni have Master’s and PhD’s in most disciplines and represent a variety of fields and... Read more about GSAS Flash Mentoring Week
2018 Oct 18

The Longevity Fund and AGE1 : Boston Info Session

6:00pm to 7:30pm


Broad Institute - Monadnock Room
Laura Deming founded the Longevity Fund in 2011 as the first VC firm dedicated to funding high-potential longevity companies. So far, she’s raised $37M and has backed such companies as Unity Biotechnology, Precision Biosciences, System1, Decibel Therapeutics, and Elevian. Building upon this success, Laura created the AGE1 Biotech accelerator to support early-stage, founder-driven companies that look to develop therapeutics which will extend the human healthspan. AGE1’s 4-month program offers capital ($500K) and support to launch founder-driven biotech companies. To apply for our next batch... Read more about The Longevity Fund and AGE1 : Boston Info Session


PHARMeMED provides networking opportunities for professionals within the pharmaceutical and medical sector.


Trellis is an exciting, new, digital communication and collaboration platform from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).