Diversity, Inclusion, and Avoiding Bias

2019 Mar 21

Women in Consulting Panel

6:00pm to 7:30pm


Northwest B101, Cambridge, MA
Women in Consulting Panel
Thursday, March 21st at 6:00pm in Northwest B101

You are warmly invited to attend the 2019 Women in Consulting Panel, organized by the Harvard GSAS Consulting Club. This event will be held on Thursday, March 21st at 6:00PM at Harvard Northwest Science Building Room B101 (Cambridge). The Women in Consulting Panel aims to raise awareness for consulting as a career path and will... Read more about Women in Consulting Panel
2018 Nov 09

Together We Can Do Better: A Convening of Leaders in Academia to Prevent Sexual Harassment (Webcast)

8:00am to 3:30pm



Over the last two decades, important gains have been made in the participation of women in science, engineering, and biomedical disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the United States. More women than ever are also joining the faculty ranks in these fields and moving into leadership positions in higher education. While progress is slow, the reduction in the “gender gap” is encouraging. However, more rapid and sustained progress in closing the gender gap in science, engineering, and medicine is jeopardized by the persistence of sexual harassment and its adverse impact on...

Read more about Together We Can Do Better: A Convening of Leaders in Academia to Prevent Sexual Harassment (Webcast)

Fair Play

The Fair Play computer game provides players with the opportunity to take the perspective of Jamal Davis, a Black graduate student on his way to becoming a renowned professor. The Fair Play website also includes a list of helpful resources on diversity and inclusion in science.

PLOS Collections - Gender Imbalance

The articles in this collection consider factors associated with the inclusion and success of women in STEM fields and propose ways to reduce the gender gap.

Title IX Resource Guide

The Title IX resource guide provides an overview of Harvard’s Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy as well as the many resources available to prevent and respond to sexual and gender-based harassment at Harvard.