RA Capital Business of Biotechnology Courses

We can probably all remember a single course, a single lecture, or even a single book that fundamentally changed our thinking and repeatedly guides our decisions. That’s the kind of course we have designed: a short, intense upgrade for people planning on a career in or related to biotechnology, whether in companies, as investors, as lawyers, academic founders, or government.

Our goal is to focus on concepts that are not yet taught in other courses in biotechnology. For example, drug pricing influences R&D yet is widely misunderstood; biotech business models that seem stable can actually make a company more risky for employees and investors than business models that may appear less stable; and entrepreneurs often struggle to reconcile the straightforward economic promises of the business plans they are pitching with the obscure behavioral economics that govern how investors often make decisions.

This course is primarily intended for late-stage graduate students and early-career working professionals. No prior business knowledge is necessary, but students must have an advanced background in life sciences or healthcare (BS + 5 yrs experience; PhD or MD graduate up to three years post-graduation; or currently enrolled in a doctorate program within 2 years of finishing). Business and law students may apply if they have a strong background in biomedical science. Not for current undergrads.

Contact: Jessica Sagers, jsagers@racap.com