What About Graduate Students? Graduate student seek time-to-degree and funding extensions (Inside Higher Education)

April 26, 2020
Graduate students face many of the same challenges as faculty members during COVID-19 but have received fewer assurances. Top on their wish list are extended funding and time-to-degree extensions.

Tenure-clock stoppages came fast and furious last month to faculty members worried about how COVID-19 will throw off their career timelines. Graduate students have similar concerns about how their research has been upended and how that will impact progress toward their degrees. Yet accommodations to their program timelines and funding packages are almost nil.

Graduate students need help “figuring out where they stand,” said Bradley Sommer, president of the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students and a Ph.D. candidate in history at Carnegie Mellon University. “A lot of students right now just need basic information on what to expect.”  Read more.