Senior Scientist, Systems Immunology - Cellular Genomics @ Pfizer

June 1, 2022
What You Will Achieve

The Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit is seeking a dynamic individual to join the Systems Immunology group and support next-generation cellular and functional genomics using single-cell multiomics. This person will be responsible for the genome editing and cellular engineering of immune and stromal cells, to support arrayed, pooled and in vivo cellular phenotyping. They will execute technical and laboratory aspects of in-house functional genomics projects, including the design and execution of laboratory experiments. The candidate will contribute to analysis and interpretation of high dimensional cellular profiling data. Finally, the candidate will be expected to provide training and technical guidance to colleagues in a matrix environment as a systems immunology expert. 


How You Will Achieve It
  • Lead and execute Systems Immunology’s lab-based experimental efforts in functional genomics enabled immunophenotyping
  • Design, execute, and interpret pooled and arrayed CRISPR experiments in collaboration with the Systems Immunology and Target Sciences group to phenotype the functional contribution of disease-associated genes using in vitro human cellular systems and in vivo animal studies
  • Generate and analyze pooled single-cell functional genomic studies from experimental conception to cellular editing and single-cell multiomic profiling, across a diverse array of immune cell types
  • Develop new functional genomic methods to enable high dimensional and high throughput immune phenotyping in challenging cell types, organs, and tissues
  • Effectively utilize available resources as needed to achieve timely execution of projects
  • Work with cross-functional teams to execute plans and deliverables




  • PhD in Immunology, Biology, or other related discipline (or equivalent years of experience) with 0-3 years post-PhD experience in an academic or biopharma/biotech setting
  • Expertise in cell culture of immune cells, and cellular models of immunity
  • Demonstrated expertise in CRISPR or other genome editing technologies
  • Demonstrated expertise in gene and vector delivery using viral and non-viral methods
  • Demonstrated expertise in pooled or arrayed functional genomic screens
  • 3+ years of hands-on molecular biology and genome editing experience
  • 1+ year of experience in CRISPR technologies and/or pooled/arrayed screens
  • Working understanding of analysis methods for high/medium throughput screens



  • 1+ year of hands-on knowledge and experience with PerturbSeq/pooled CRISPR screens with single cell phenotyping
  • Hands-on knowledge and experience with in vivo pooled screening
  • 1+ year of experience with computational and statistical approaches for high-dimensional data analysis, especially single-cell RNAseq

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