Postdoctoral Researcher - Immunology @ National Institute of Molecular Genetics (Milan, Italy)

February 27, 2020

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Postdoctoral Research Position – Immunology Laboratory
Job application
A postdoc position is available in the Immunology Laboratory, led by Prof. Sergio Abrignani
( under the supervision of Dr. Samuele Notarbartolo. The
successful candidate will work in a multi-disciplinary team focused on the characterization of human
CD4+ T cell immune response in colorectal cancer (CRC).

The project
The project is aimed at unravelling the identity of intra-tumour CD4+ T lymphocytes in colorectal
cancer. The objective is to elucidate the biological features of tumour-infiltrating non-suppressive T
helper lymphocytes, understanding their clonal relationships with other T cells, and identifying the
molecular mechanisms underlying the regulation of their altered immune response, with the ultimate
goal of finding new therapeutic targets to reactivate dysfunctional immunity and treat CRC.
The candidate
We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates, willing to challenge an innovative
project by adopting a pro-active attitude and an interdisciplinary approach. The candidate should have
a broad background covering both cellular and molecular biology. He/she is requested to have
expertise in primary cell culture, flow cytometry and molecular biology or immunology, and willing to
learn cutting-edge technologies (e.g. sc-RNA-seq, TCR-seq, ATAC-seq, and Crispr-Cas9 editing). The
candidate should also have good communication skills in English and a collaborative attitude.
Required qualifications:
- A high level of motivation and interest
- Ph.D. in Biology, Immunology, Molecular Medicine, Cancer Biology or in a related field
- Prior research experience in immunology, molecular biology, or cancer biology
- Expertise in primary cell culture, flow cytometry, and molecular biology
- Knowledge in genome-wide transcriptional and chromatin profiling, single-cell technologies, and
basic NGS data analysis will be considered a plus
- Good communication skills and team spirit with the ability to solve problems independently
- High level of English speaking and writing skills.
Salary will be commensurate with experience.
The environment
INGM is an advanced research center with strong connections to clinical needs. Through a diversified
research network of public and private collaborations, INGM develops research projects aimed at
identifying new biomarkers and therapeutic targets that could improve the prevention and the
treatment of infectious, autoimmune or neoplastic diseases. Its location within the University Hospital
campus facilitates the establishment of clinically-oriented research programs. Thus, INGM strives to
translate discoveries into new diagnostics and therapies aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality
caused by chronic diseases, to improve the quality of life while making public health more sustainable.

How to apply
Qualified and interested candidates are invited to apply by sending a detailed CV, a cover letter
describing her/his research background/interests and motivation to join the lab, and the contact
information of at least one referee to Dr. Samuele Notarbartolo ( Applications
will be considered until the position is filled.