Postdoctoral Position, Visual Circuitry Biology @ University of Maryland

November 12, 2020

The Speer laboratory at the University of Maryland, College Park has an opening for a  postdoctoral research fellow to help advance our research in developing visual circuits. We are  investigating activity-dependent molecular mechanisms that regulate the refinement of parallel  retinal pathways to distinct visual centers in the brain. We are currently developing new  research lines using transcriptomic, proteomic, and high-resolution molecular imaging analyses  to examine local protein translation contributing to the development of synaptic connections in  the mouse visual system. Postdocs will have access to excellent scientific resources and  opportunities for future career development (e.g. presentations at conferences, opportunities for  grant applications, advanced training courses, etc.). 

Successful candidates should have a strong background (Ph.D. required) in molecular,  developmental, or systems neuroscience with significant expertise in two or more of the  following areas: molecular biological techniques for RNA/protein analysis, immunoprecipitation assays, RNA/protein bioinformatics, microscopy and associated instrumentation (2-P, confocal,  epifluorescence, electron microscopy, or preferably super-resolution imaging), assay  development related to tissue histology/sample preparation/immunohistochemical labeling,  electron microscopy sample preparation (ultramicrotomy), viral vector transgenesis and/or  electroporation, whole-cell patch clamp electrophysiological recording, and programming in Python and Matlab. Experience working with and maintaining transgenic mice is essential.  

Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file to Colenso Speer (  Please include 1) a short cover letter outlining your research interests as they pertain to the  position, 2) your curriculum vitae, and 3) contact information for three references.