Postdoctoral Position, Systems Biology of Metastasis @ Weill Cornell Medicine

January 25, 2021

The group of Ashley Laughney at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, is seeking innovative and highly  motivated postdoctoral researchers to contribute to our systems biology study of metastasis. The lab combines  high-throughput single cell transcriptional profiling with development of new computational tools, combinatorial  perturbations and cancer models, to understand the context-dependent interplay between inflammation and  stemness during the evolution of metastasis.  

The invasion-metastasis cascade is a dynamic, multistep process the requires adaptation to a less hospitable  microenvironment, immune evasion, and progression from the micro- to macro-metastatic stage, resulting in  generation of a secondary tumor. A key driver of this transition is chronic inflammatory signaling emanating  from tumor cells themselves, which can be triggered by the presence of nucleic acids in the cytoplasm. Chronic  inflammation engages pathways central to a wound-healing response, which has profound consequences on  tumor cell migration (Nature 553, 467-472), lineage plasticity, and tumor-immune interactions (Nature Medicine  26, 259-269). We are especially interested in understanding the impact of chronic inflammatory signaling on bi directional crosstalk between cancer cells and their microenvironment, and how metastases have adapted  resistance to this chronic inflammatory signaling without triggering an anti-tumor immune response.  

We are a highly inter-disciplinary team recruiting from diverse backgrounds, including both theory and  experiment. We are currently seeking candidates with expertise in:  

(1) Computational and Systems Biology, Mathematics or Related Field: interested in developing higher  order epistasis models and reconstructing cell type-specific gene regulatory networks from single cell  data with combinatorial genetic perturbations. Experience with machine learning, combinatorial  optimization, or statistical methods and modelling is desired. 

(2) Cancer and Stem Cell Biology, Regenerative Medicine or Related Field: interested in developing  synthetic and systems biology methods to tackle biological questions centered on cell-cell interactions  in the tumor microenvironment that regulate tumor differentiation status, emergence from metastatic  dormancy, and immune activation/suppression.  

Each position is fully funded through a collaborative R01 with the Samuel Bakhoum Lab and builds upon the  exceptional resources and community of scientists at three of New York City’s premier research institutions:  Weill Cornell Medical College, The Rockefeller University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. We  offer competitive benefits and access to subsidized Cornell housing in Manhattan and Roosevelt Island.  

Interested applicants should email the following items as a single PDF to  (1) cover letter indicating research interests and reasons for applying, (2) your curriculum vitae, (3) names and  contact information for three references and (4) up to two reprints.  

Postdoc applicants should hold a PhD, MD or doctoral level equivalent in a related area and should additionally  arrange for three letters of reference to be emailed directly to on your  behalf. Postdoctoral applications will not be reviewed until all letters of reference are received. 

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