Postdoctoral Position @ HMS BioChem & Molecular Pharmacology

December 1, 2020

Don Coen's lab in the Department of Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology and David Knipe's lab in the HMS Department of Microbiology are jointly seeking applicants for a postdoctoral research fellow.  


Perform research on mechanisms that regulate whether herpes simplex virus undergoes a productive ("lytic") infection or a latent infection in neurons.  Potential mechanisms that might be studied include neuronal factors, epigenetic and chromatin modifications, microRNAs, and translational regulation.   Studies in both cell culture models, including human iPSC-derived neurons and mouse models are anticipated. Experience with one or more of these areas of research, viruses, immunofluorescence and in situ hybridization methods, and/or RNAseq is desirable, but not required.


If you're interested, please send an email explaining your qualifications and interests to Don Coen ( and/or David Knipe ( along with your curriculum vitae and the names and contact information of three references.