Postdoctoral Position, Brain Metastasis @ Valiente Lab

November 12, 2020

Postdoctoral positions are available at the Brain Metastasis Group (Molecular  Oncology Programme, CNIO) ( to start in 2021. 

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a competitive track record  to develop cutting-edge metastasis research focused on brain colonization. 

We look for candidates with strong expertise in cellular reprogramming and/  or mitochondria biology. No previous experience on metastasis, mouse models  or neuroscience is required since these are expertise available in the lab. Indeed,  candidates that want to explore new research fields are encouraged to apply. 

The research project is part of an ERC CoG to develop ALTER-brain. ALTER brain aims to understand the biology and functional implications of disease associated molecular and cellular alterations affecting the brain with metastasis (See Priego et al. Nat Med (2018), Priego and Valiente. Frontiers Immunol (2019),  

Boire et al. Nat. Rev. Cancer (2020), Valiente et al. Can Res (2020), Zhu et al.  BioRxiv (2020)). Key findings are expected to generate novel therapeutic  opportunities that will be explored in patients through our solid network of clinical  collaborators. 

We offer a great lab environment, a well-funded research program and exciting  projects in a top research institution within the vibrant city of Madrid (Spain). The  laboratory will support initiatives to promote the scientific career of postdoctoral  trainees. In this sense, although the position is funded (3 years), candidates will  be encouraged to obtain their own postdoctoral fellowships. 

To be considered for this position candidates must submit a single pdf  document to containing: cover letter (1 page), CV (2 pages) and 3 references (no letters are needed at this point). Those candidates not  following this application format will not be considered. 

Deadline to apply: December 15th. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted  during the second week of January to schedule interviews through February 2021.