Postdoctoral Fellow, Cardiac-Immunology @ Johns Hopkins University Division of Cardiology

March 16, 2021

The Adamo Lab in The Johns Hopkins University Division of Cardiology is seeking a post doctoral fellow to lead cutting edge research in cardiac-immunology.  

We are looking for a highly motivated and independent researcher with a Ph.D. in immunology,  biology, or a related field. 

Candidates must have first-author publications and proven research ability in at least one of the following areas: immunology, models of cardiac injury, cardiac physiology, lymphocyte biology,  or aging. Hands-on experience in translational animal models is also required. 

Experience in the following techniques is helpful but not required: flow cytometry,  immunohistochemistry, and immunofluorescence.  

A successful candidate will have a strong work ethic, strong organizational skills, excellent  critical thinking abilities, excellent ability to work as part of a team and a desire to push the  boundaries of existing knowledge. The postdoctoral researcher will work under supervision but  will be expected to lead methods development, lead manuscript and grant writing efforts, conduct independent research and supervise junior researchers. 

We offer multifaceted scientific projects, strong scientific collaborations, and attentive mentoring  in the context of the vibrant, word class research environment of Johns Hopkins University. We  are passionate about discovery and drug development. If you share our passion and fit the above  description, we would love to hear from you.  

Adamo Cardiac-Imunology Lab