Postdoctoral Associate in Brain Stimulation and Recording In-Vivo in Mice @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology

October 18, 2021

POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE IN BRAIN STIMULATION AND RECORDING IN-VIVO IN MICEMedia Lab/Program in Media Arts and Sciences-Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek, to develop extremely miniaturized micro-nano-devices that probe and modulate our biological system, especially the brain. Responsibilities include characterizing and validating the devices in cultured neurons, injecting or implanting the devices in mouse brain or peripheral nervous system (PNS), characterizing and validating the devices in-vivo in mice, and performing brain stimulation and/or recording.  

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Job Requirements
REQUIRED:  a Ph.D. in bioengineering, neuroscience, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, mechanical/electrical/electronics engineering, physics, or relevant field; experience with mouse surgery, stereotactic injections, and implanting electrodes; experience with stimulation and/or recording from mice brain; experience with validation of stimulation and/or recording; and experience with cultured cells. PREFERRED: experience with isolation and preparation of primary cultured neurons; experience with recording or stimulation in PNS; experience with stem cells and organoids; experience with tumor models; and experience with nanofabrication.  Job #19783

This is a one-year appointment with the possibility of extension based upon the direction of the research and funding.

In addition to applying online via the MIT website, please email with your CV and a brief description of projects.

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