Molecular and Cellular Biology Teaching Assistant @ Harvard Summer School

April 16, 2020

The Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology S1-A course explores the central principles of molecular and cellular biology, with a focus on structure function relationships, energy, metabolism, and genetics/genomics. The course is taught at the introductory level and is part of a series (S-1A and S-1B) that fulfill the medical school admission requirement. Taught by Professors Aditi Hazra and
Nava Gharaei.

Teaching Assistant Duties:

BIOS S-1a is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a fast-paced, innovative course that draws from the scholarship of teaching and learning to maximize student engagement and achievement. Teaching assistants will run an online discussion section, an online laboratory section, and hold one office hour per week. TAs must also attend online lectures (Tue & Thurs 8:30-11:30 am from June 23-August 6th, 2020), staff meetings (Thurs, time TBD) and lab pre-runs (June 15-19th, 2020). Additional duties include grading problem sets and lab assignments and helping with exams.

To Apply for a Position:

Those interested in this opportunity should send a brief statement of interest and qualifications to: and

Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis until all positions have been filled.

Interviews will be scheduled beginning in April 2020.