Cancer Biology Spring Courses - Register Now!

December 12, 2019

Cancer Biology Spring Courses - Register Now!


Bootcamp - The ​Epidemiology & Molecular Pathology of Cancer


Course directors: Massimo Loda, Kathryn Penney


January 6 - 15

TMEC 302


Coursed Description: This January course will provide students with an in-depth introduction to the epidemiology and molecular pathology of cancer. We will explore multiple types of cancer, including breast, colon, lung, prostate and brain, through a series of lectures and hands-on practice tutorials. These tutorials will include training in molecular pathology techniques, state of the art image analysis of human biomarkers, tissue processing, immunohistochemistry, and tumor histology. In addition, the epidemiology, genetics and relevant signal transduction pathways of cancer will be highlighted.


Invited speakers - A. Dubuc, D. Fisher, R. Tamimi, S. Hill, A. Geller, S. Hodi, E. Garshick, L. Sholl, K. Ligon, S. Rodig, M. Song, J. Hornick, N. El-Bardeesy, K. Haigis




Molecular & Systems Level Cancer Cell Biology

CellBio 211

Course directors: Peter Sicinski, Jarrod Marto, Marc Vidal


Mondays and Wednesdays


Course Description: This course examines the molecular basis of cancer formation including topics such as cancer epigenetic, tumor heterogeneity, systems biology proteomic approaches to study cancer, immune therapies in cancer, and therapeutic development.


Invited speakers - K. Polyak, P. Puigserver, C. Kadoch, J. Qi, G. Shapiro, K. Wucherpfennig



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