Assistant/Associate Professor, Cancer Epigenetics @ Fox Chase Cancer Center

January 8, 2021

The Fox Chase Cancer Center invites applicants for tenure-track faculty  positions at the level of assistant professor and associate professor in the Cancer  Epigenetics Institute and Cancer Signaling and Epigenetics Program. While  outstanding candidates working in all areas of epigenetics are invited to apply,  we are particularly soliciting applications from candidates that are interested  in the following areas: 1. the relationship between higher order genome orga 

nization and cancer development, progression and/or resistance; 2. the role  chromatin has in genome stability; 3. the relationship between cellular signal ing, chromatin modulation and cancer; 4. the relationship between metabolic  pathways and epigenetic control; 5. the role of modified nucleic acids (DNA,  RNA) and associated regulation in cancer; 6. the relationship between immune  oncology and epigenetics. 

Successful applicants will join a highly interactive institution that is committed  to bridging basic discovery to clinical application through collaboration. Fox  Chase was among the nation’s first institutions to receive Comprehensive Cancer  Center designation from the NCI in 1974. There are 119 research faculty that  generate $63.2 million in funding. The research faculty are surrounded by  clinical colleagues that provide care for over 105,000 individuals and support  >170 clinical trials, of which >60 are investigator-initiated. Two particular  highlights of the center are the superb clinical pipeline that facilitates rapid translation of basic science discoveries into the clinic and the world-class core  facilities that are easily accessed. 


Applicants interested in joining such an environment should have a Ph.D.  and/or M.D. degree with an outstanding record of research productivity. The  application should contain the following information - a curriculum vitae, a  brief (up to two pages) statement of research interests and future goals and a  list of three individuals providing letters of recommendation. Please send the  application via email to Johnathan Whetstine (Johnathan.Whetstine@fccc

edu), Director, Cancer Epigenetics Institute, Co-Leader, Cancer Signaling and  Epigenetics Program, Fox Chase Cancer Center.