Assistant Director, Graduate Student Career Services @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology

April 21, 2021

Overview Statement: 

Reporting to the Associate Director for Career Counseling & Education within MIT Career Advising &  Professional Development (CAPD), the Assistant Director for Graduate Student Career Services  collaborates to help students develop and implement their educational and career plans, and to develop as  global-ready graduates.  

This position, which is on the Career Services team, delivers a range of services to enhance career  development and career competencies for graduate students as they consider careers in academia,  industry, nonprofits and government. It acts as a Career Services liaison for graduate students at MIT and  works with employers interested in hiring graduate students as well as reaching out to prospective  employers of interest.  

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities: 

• Coordinates and leads the delivery of comprehensive career services to 6,000+ MIT graduate  students, developing overall program goals and scope.  

• Provides individual career counseling to graduate students. (60%) 

• Plans an annual calendar of seminars, workshops, networking events and other educational  opportunities, to include large career days (or weeks), hosting nationally known speakers, and  conferences. (15%) 

• Conducts needs assessment of career development services for graduate students; designs and  delivers targeted programs and services, assesses learning and development outcomes, determines  program evaluation results; reports results and findings. (10%) 

• Acts as liaison to and effectively collaborates with the Office of Graduate Education (OGE), faculty,  graduate student groups, including the Graduate Student Council, coordinating career services efforts  and gaining their input and buy-in. 

• Collaborates closely internally with the Graduate Student Professional Development team and the  Senior Assistant Director of Postdoctoral Career and Professional Development.  • Establishes and oversees an annual budget for graduate student programming, prepares external  funding proposals and provides reports on program outcomes. 

• Develops relationships with employing organizations and contacts for graduate students, including  faculty, academic departments and other employers. Identifies and develops new employment  opportunities for graduate students.  

• Leads career advising team in the area of graduate student career development; guiding and training  other staff members regarding career development issues and best practices for PhD students, with  particular emphasis on the academic career path. (5%) 

• Identifies career-related materials and resources of particular relevance to graduate students; creates  additional materials as appropriate (e.g., written, web, multi-media, etc.). (10%) • Plans, organizes, and presents seminars, workshops, networking events and other education  opportunities that meet graduate student career needs.  

• Develops specific outreach programs, materials and services for graduate students in various  departments and programs.

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