[PGE PDD Webinar] Crafting an Effective Diversity Statement for a Faculty Job Search (Kathy Takayama, Ph.D.)


Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Zoom - TBA

Institutions are becoming more proactive and intentional about their efforts to embrace principles of inclusion, equity, justice, and diversity, and as such, are seeking candidates that will support the enactment of these principles. They will request from job applicants a diversity statement that articulates how the candidate can contribute toward these efforts. In this workshop, we will discuss what, exactly, is a diversity statement, what you might include in the statement, and how it can help you reflect upon your ongoing development as a researcher, teacher, and mentor. Participants will have an opportunity to start developing their key ideas for a diversity statement, and receive peer feedback.

Kathy Takayama, Ph.D. (former Executive Director, Teaching and Learning Transformation Center at the University of Maryland-College Park) has over 20 years of experience in creating and leading innovations to develop engaging, inclusive, and effective learning environments for a wide range of institutions across the world. She has collaborated with educators and organizations to transform educational pathways and experiences, and foster successful outcomes for students from all backgrounds.

Participants of this workshop will discuss and provide peer feedback to

- learn the goals of a diversity statement, for a candidate and employer

- understand formats and standards for diversity statements submitted in different contexts

- consider best practices for citing sound evidence and understanding on matters of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and justice

- intitiate an outline of their own diversity statement

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