[NIH OITE Webinar] New Beginnings: Making Successful Transitions


Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 2:00pm to 3:30pm


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Speaker(s): Sharon Milgram, PhD, Director, OITE

Life is a series of choices and transitions. Transitions can be times of personal growth and development. They can also be frustrating and difficult. Much of the time, they are both. Worries about balancing work, life, and family time; making school/career decisions; and navigating interpersonal issues with mentors (and others) can contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed and disconnected. A common element of managing the challenges of life is finding community, using resources, and developing your problem solving, assertiveness, stress management, and self-care skills. We will also briefly talk about unique challenges and strategies about transferring from community college to 4-year college and starting a graduate school or professional school program.

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