HMS Research Computing Fall 2018 (first half) User Training Registration Opens


Wednesday, August 22, 2018, 1:00pm



HMS Research Computing will open the first half of its Fall 2018 User Training Registrations:

Thursday, August 23, 1:00p at


We will be offering

08/29/2018 3-5p Intro to O2

09/12/2018 3-5p Intro to Matlab

09/19/2018 3-5p Intro to Perl

10/10/2018 3-5p Intro to Python

10/23/2018 1-3p MathWorks Image Processing and Computer Vision

10/24/2018 3-5p Intro to R/Bioconductor

10/31/2018 3-5p Intro to Parallel Computing

11/13/2018 1-3p MathWorks Demystifying Deep Learning (including GPU Coder)

11/14/2018 3-5p Intro to O2

12/05/2018 3-5p Intro to Git/Github

12/19/2018 3-5p Intro to O2