CANCELED [Career Navigator Workshop] Managing Sticky Situations: Understanding Student Services for GSAS Students with Danielle Farrell


Thursday, October 28, 2021, 4:00pm to 5:00pm


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This event has been canceled.


Danielle Farrell will discuss GSAS student services, sticky situations, and resources. Danielle’s talk covers information pertinent to all GSAS students. Please mark your calendar to join Danielle and your peers for the presentation.


In her role as Director of Student Services, Danielle Farrell is the go-to person for GSAS students. Danielle assists students who are having academic or personal difficulty, and she helps students navigate and connect with GSAS, Harvard, and community resources. Danielle serves in an advisory role, provides ongoing support, and makes referrals to other sources of assistance as necessary. In emergency situations, Danielle receives notifications and reaches out to offer support and assistance to students. She is also one of two Title IX Resource Coordinators for GSAS students, who address issues of sexual and gender-based harassment within the Harvard community. Whatever the issue, the Office of Student Services is a great place to start.


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