Career Development Toolkit for Researchers

This toolkit from is aimed at post-doctoral researchers but with some modification is also useful for master's and graduate students. The toolkit offers some general starting points for those wanting to reflect on their career to date and to begin to formulate an ongoing career strategy.

Find the toolkit here:

The toolkit is divided into three main sections:
  • Section 1 – Stop and take stock
    • This section will offer the opportunity to review your career and experience and to reflect on your career decision making to this point. The  information and analysis gathered in this section will then be used in sections two and three
  • Section 2 – Assessing your academic career progress and planning for the future
    • This section will focus on the key areas of academic career development and offer prompts for your career analysis, with suggestions for future  actions and tips on how to follow up on these.
  • Section 3 – Considering alternative career options
    • In this part of the toolkit you will be encouraged to use the reflections on your experience undertaken in section one to investigate other career  options.