All Life Sciences PhD Students (HILS-wide, GSAS only)

GSAS Biotechnology Club

The GSAS Harvard Biotechnology Club is a student organization that hosts events and provides services that allow members to explore the world of business and biotechnology.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program awards three-year fellowships to graduate students performing research in NSF-supported discplines. Only first and second year graduate students are eligible for the GRFP.

Crimson Careers

Crimson Careers is a centralized hub where students can view and apply for jobs and internships, schedule appointments with Office of Career Services advisors, or register for OCS events.


iBiology's mission is to convey, in the form of open-access free videos, the excitement of modern biology and the process by which scientific discoveries are made.


DMS PATHS is an enrichment program for graduate students to identify which careers they hope to pursue and to gain relevant experience in these areas. Each PATH has an associated student group, and in most cases these are open to both PhD and Masters students. 

Conduct of Science Course

This course focuses on the responsible conduct of research as is required for all G2 students who receive NIH support. 

PhD Pathfinder Course

The goal of this spring term course is to help PhD students identify potential careers of interest and meet with professionals in each featured career.